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St Nicholas Kirk 2006
Book of Deer Project

Cameron Archaeology hads been involved in the Book of Deer Project since 2014.  

The Book of Deer is a tenth century illuminated manuscript from North East Scotland. As the only pre-Norman manuscript from this area known as ďformer PictlandĒ it provides us with a unique insight into the early church, culture and society of this period.  One of the oldest pieces of Gaelic writing to have survived from early Medieval Scotland. The Book of Deer is one of Scotlandís most important manuscripts. The book and its history sets itself apart from Scotlandís more well known traditional attractions and offers a fresh and diverse route into uncovering Scotlandís history from its earliest beginnings.

The Book of Deer project is an active group of local historians, archaeologists and local interested amateurs who research topics associated with the Book of Deer.  Since 2008 they have commissioned archaeological research including excavation of possible sites for the early monastery of Deer.

Iron working in building dated to late 12/early 13th century by Jan Dunbar
For Book of Deer 2017 report click here



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